In winter, as in summer, access fees contribute to the maintenance of our trails. Vélo Mont-Tremblant’s goal is to offer the best quality riding conditions according to the season and the traffic. Well-maintained trails allow you to ride safely and enjoy your experience to the fullest!

At Vélo Mont-Tremblant we work an average of 4 to 6 hours per week on improving trails, depending on the weather. During the winter, trails are groomed by two snow hawks 60cc snowmobiles and a thundra 550f, specially adapted for fatbiking by our maintenance manager Philippe Poirier. These machines work by removing part of the snow while breaking up the snowflake clusters in the trail. This allows the snow to compact and harden, creating ideal conditions. Depending on the temperature, the wait time may vary before trails reopen after grooming, as the cold makes the snow harden faster.

We recommend regularly checking the trail conditions before your ride to avoid damage to the trails. When the temperature rises above 0 degrees, we ask you to please avoid riding. Also, if your bike leave tracks deeper than an inch or 2.5 cm, the trails can be damaged.

In short, the fatbiking in Mont-Tremblant would not be the same without the hard work our maintenance team puts in and the collaboration of our riders.

Big thank you to all those who pay the fees!