With most winter sports, you’re more likely to have a good experience if you check the maintenance condition of the trails before heading out. Fatbike trails, which have to be groomed, are no exception. Here’s some information to help you plan your outings.


There are two kinds of trails: single track and double track. These latter include the P’tit Train du Nord and the multifunctional trail. They are maintained by a grooming machine.

The single track trails are first packed down by snowshoeing and then widened with a shovel. About 25 cm of snow is needed to cover the ice of autumn, the roots and the rocks. As soon as there’s enough snow, out comes the snowmobile grooming machine. If all goes well, it takes about two hours to tour the full network of trails. If winds have been high, sometimes the groomer has to get out a shovel to allow the snowmobile to pass.


Double-track trails are shared with cross-country skiers. On one side there are the twin parallel tracks for classic skiing and on the other, nice corduroy for skate skiing. It’s this latter that should be used. You’ll have to cross the classic tracks; it’s inevitable. When you do, try to cross at a perpendicular (90°, or a right angle) to avoid damaging them too much. Don’t forget that it’s easier for you to brake than it is for them, so be courteous and give them the right-of-way.

Some single-track trails are shared with snowshoers. We like them a lot cause they help pack down the snow.

Walkers without snowshoes, however, damage the surface in a way that’s hard to repair. Suggest they try a better experience. Maybe they don’t know it, but winter walking is allowed on the P’tit Train du Nord and on some trails in Domaine Saint-Bernard. No walking allowed on the multifunctional, but now there’s a nice trail on Le Géant golf course, starting from Tremblant Resort.


First off, the harder the snow, the better. If it’s cold, that’s good. One small hiccup: dry snow softens the surface and makes traction more difficult. Wet snow hardens faster when it’s cold. If it’s warm, however, the snow changes to sugar snow and there again, traction becomes quite a challenge. In these situations, avoid steep slopes where you need good traction to get up the slope.

After a snowfall, double-track trails will provide good conditions more quickly than single, because the machinery used is heavier than on the other trails.

Grooming is usually done at night, which is why trails are closed then. Please note that if you set out on your fatbike too soon after the groomer does its work, you don’t give the surface time to harden.


Single-track trails are easily accessed from the Village, the Resort or the tourist office located at the intersection of montée Ryan and rue Labelle (which boasts a traffic circle now, but used to be called “the four corners”…and sometimes still is).

  • From the Village, take rue Séguin. The La Truite trail is on your left, just after the entrance to Circuit Mont-Tremblant.
  • From the Resort, take the multifunctional trail before meeting up with the Chouette Sud on your right, or on your left, the Pékan which leads to the Lynx.
  • From the “four corners”, there are options on the east side and west side of montée Ryan so as to avoid Villa Bellevue (double track).

Double-track trails are available starting from the Village, the Resort, the four corners, “centre-ville“  and even La Belle golf course and Le Maître golf course.

Let’s just note here that you don’t have to like mountain biking to appreciate the single-track trails. With its oversize tires, the fatbike provides better stability. And of course, the rocks and roots are covered by the snow.



Steep slopes

  • Cachée, both directions
  • Grand Pic, starting from the Jackrabbit Bridge
  • Les Pins Ouest, leaving from the Diable
  • Chouette Sud, on the Belvédère side
  • Belvédère, from the multifunctional trail

Beside a river

  • Diable, Lynx, Sciotte

The most beautiful view

  • Chouette Sud

The musts for trying single-track trails

  • Labyrinthe and Les Pins Est are the flattest
  • La Lynx runs beside the multifunctional trail so you can ride back on it easily if you prefer to do so.

Make sure that somebody knows your planned itinerary, particularly in winter. Cold prevents come phones from working. Always bring along a bottle of hot water to be sure that it doesn’t freeze.


Traction is the key to success on the upward slopes. If you push suddenly and too hard on your pedals or if you stand up on your pedals, you decrease the pressure on your tires and don’t stick to the snow. Remain seated, lower your centre of gravity and stay centred to create equal pressure on your two tires. Pedal slowly but surely.

Be careful braking, too. Avoid blocking the tires to keep better control. What’s more, careful braking does less damage to the trails.

As seen in Tremblant Express journal, January 2018.

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking!

  1. No more need for insect repellent, bugs are all gone by now!
  2. Gone are the days of heat waves! During the fall, the temperatures are much cooler, so it’s an ideal time to move outside. Long climbs will sure seem less difficult. Don’t worry about the wind! On the trails the trees will protect you.
  3. The scenic beauty is breathtaking! The mix of colors from the leaves and the amazing points of view around Mont-Tremblant will offer you the best subjects for your pictures.
  4. Because the holidays are over, there is now less traffic on the trails. You will have the trail network all for yourself (or maybe not after this article comes out!).
  5. The mountain biking trails are often less soft and muddy. As the nights get colder, the soil becomes hard. It’s easier to ride on and perfect for learning!
  6. The pleasure of riding in the dark. As the sun sets earlier, the after work outings usually end in the dark, creating new and exciting challenges. Plan ahead by bringing along a headlight suitable for mountain biking.

Now come along and join Vélo Mont-Tremblant on the trails this fall!

The real estate sign on the lot adjacent to the Grand Lodge has sparked reactions in the mountain bike community. The property, on which the trails Emi-equilibre, Labyrinthe and Grand Lodge are located, are up for sale!

When building the modules in Emi-Equilibre, many years ago, we knew that this land could be sold at any time and without notice. The landowner generously let us use it for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and mountain biking. As a good citizen, the owner agreed to share this jewel with us, and we feel very grateful today. However, like all bike enthusiasts, we were hoping and dreaming this would last forever.

The loss of this land is a concern to us, as it is an important learning area that inludes beginner-level trails. There is an interesting loop to ride and a place to practice different techniques through bridges, rocks and drops. The tourist information office located next door is also a good entry point for families and to host our events that promote the development of the sport. Aside from Domaine St-Bernard, there are only a few places for beginners, children and young families.

Although the situation is worrying, the development and construction of trails on private land will always be a risk. It is a privilege to ride on these lands, and we have little or no control over their future. Although we prefer to see nature rather than real estate projects, economic progress is a reality we have to accept .

This situation opens our eyes and brings us back to reality: Tremblant continues to grow, and the future of many of its trails are threatened. For example,  Ecureuil and P’tit Crisse trails will have to be reworked due to new real estate development. We are in discussion with the City of Mont-Tremblant and Station Mont-Tremblant to find a solution to ensure the integrity of our network and its balance of black, blue and green tracks. For the Émi-equilibre and Labyrinthe trails, we hope to be able to use them for some time while the City develops a plan for the future.

As a Mountain Bike Club, our mission is to protect the future of our trails so our sport, which has grown significantly over the last few years, can still be practiced in Mont-Tremblant for many more years. Since nothing can be taken for granted and for the survival of our trails, we must continually remind ourselves look to the future of this network in our community, as well as its contributions to the economy and tourism.

Over the last few years approximately $400,000 has been invested in trails through local and provincial government funds. In addition, on October 16, the city announced an investment of $150,000  to fix seven trails that required some major work. We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to invest this money wisely. Since 2018, the City of Mont-Tremblant is responsible for all trail operations. Here are our expectations for the future development of the trail network that will be clarified with them.

  • Sustainably develop trails while involving the community (the technique used, trail location, chores, volunteering, etc.).
  • File the state of the trails likely to be damaged or disappear.
  • Prioritize trail development on lands the city of Mont-Tremblant holds legal access. (for example, Deer Mountain)
  • Develop the network with the agreement and cooperation of public and community owners (for instance, Domaine St-Bernard and Sepaq).
  • Invest in the purchase of land to ensure protected trails , create interesting access points and avoid street crossings.

We invite all bike enthusiasts, parents and friends of cyclists and the entire community of Mont-Tremblant who used the trails to become a Member of Vélo Mont-Tremblant so that we positively communicate our expectations to the city of Mont-Tremblant. We counted more than 200 members in 2018-2019 and wish to reach the 300 mark by the fall of 2020.

Encourage VMT to represent you with public and private decision-makers and join a movement of defence and development of trails. We will keep you posted on any developments.

Enviroforet is coming back in full force in the trails this fall

Benoît Prud’homme and his team won a major contract to repair and remodel a number of trails . The scope of the repair and renovation work was created through a study mandated by the city earlier in the spring. The work in Lynx, Deer Mountain and Villa Bellevue will be completed by the end of the season. Some general work will also be done in Diable, Geai Bleu and Chouette. It should be noted that the recent work in Villa Bellevue were done to facilitate grooming for cross-country skiing.

Vélo Mont-Tremblant submitted to the City of Mont-Tremblant vision statement regarding the development and maintenance of the trail network. The principal message was the need for new trails. Many discussions have focused on the development of the Deer Mountain sector. The goal is to maximize the terrain based on current mountain biking trends and to access neighboring properties for a future development of enduro trails. Some layouts have already been done with the City and the works were launched last September 27th. Also, the lack of safe traverse for bikers on Montée Ryan was highlighted and the addition of parking spaces at the tourism office.
Subsequently, a meeting was held recently with the Domaine St-Bernard. The proposed project is essentially aimed at creating one beginner level access trail that would linked the Domaine to existing mountain bike trails. The welcoming station, the parking and the site of the Domain is an asset for the events and users of Vélo M-T.

In short, the Vélo Mont-Tremblant team is working hard to harmonize its vision with that of the City concerning the trails. The communication has greatly improved between the two parties, but it is thanks to your support that we can continue to move forward!

Journée découverte en fatbike et e-fatbike (March 3)

About forty enthusiastic riders were part of the demo and the guided fatbike and e-fatbike tours. Be on the lookout for it this winter season!

La journée Amenez un enfant faire du vélo de montagne, presented by L&P Apparel (June 3)

We had even more participants this year, a total of 234 young participants and about 100 parents were present. Despite the rain, the kids braved the storm with a smile.

Le Camp des Poules qui roulent (June 7 to 9)

A record! The Camp was full in only 4 days with 152 ladies. For the first time, the event was at the Domaine Saint-Bernard. The enchanting decor made this event a great success.

Le Programme Jeune Ambassadeur

Every Saturday in July and August, about 10 youth rode the trails in order to advise users and patrol the network. The youth were accompanied by their guide Sid Herrera and his acolyte Éric Labelle. A new program that we wish to repeat next year.

Involvement of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant

  • $ 3,000 grant for the Young Ambassador Program
  • $ 3,000 for the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day presented by L & P Apparel.
  • Support for the events with equipment loan and staff.
  • A monthly meeting was added between the CA members and Le Service de la Culture et des Loisirs since August 2019.