Vélo Mont-Tremblant’s mission is to develop and promote mountain biking and fatbiking in the region of Mont-Tremblant with the support of the business community, the citizens and local organizations.

As such, Vélo Mont-Tremblant :

  • Administers, in collaboration with Plein Air Mont-Tremblant (PAMT), the operations related to the maintenance and development of trails to ensure their lasting quality, to ensure the safety of riders, to diminish the impact on the environment and to propose a rider experience that lives up to Mont-Tremblant’s reputation
  • Promotes the trail network to increase its notoriety and visibility
  • Organizes annual events and weekly activities that are accessible to all and that also help us to initiate new riders


Here are the details of the work that was done in the trails this summer thanks to the city of Mont-Tremblant, Station Mont Tremblant and Domaine St-Bernard in partnerships with PAMT.

  • Improvements to the « émi » quilibre zone
  • Repairs to the pumptrack at the tourist information center
  • Building of a jump line, arunbike track and balance modules at the Daniel-Lauzon Park in the Village
  • Major revisions and improvements
  • Smaller interventions
    • Lynx – recovered a culvert and elevated the riding surface of two sections
    • Geai Bleu – rebuilt an entire bridge
    • Écureuil – improvement to humid zones
    • Chouette – repaired 3 bridges and 1 culvert
    • Approximately 125 trees were cut, pruned and cleared to free the trails


Our events and activities brought together riders of all ages and helped up initiate new riders. Here’s an overview of what took place this summer.

  • Organized weekly rides from June to September on Mondays (Les Poules qui roulent) and Wednesdays, plus a Sunday morning ride every 2 weeks
  • Organized Après rides at local restaurants and bars
  • Organized 4 parent-child rides
  • Held trail maintenance activities with our patroller and our ambassadors to work on 3 different sectors of our network
  • Organize a Tailgate party to kick off the season with bike demos and vendors
  • Improved the Take a kid mountain biking day from a half-day to a full-day, over 150 kids took part in the activity } video
  • Improved our women’s camp Les Poules qui roulent offering a 1-day option in addition to the full weekend, 70 women participated this year } video
  • Planned de 2 trail maintenance days, one in the Spring and one in the Fall
  • Collaborated to the programming of Vélomotion
  • Participated in the organization of the Coupe Gorge with MEC

In addition, since the Spring you can purchase your daily access or season pass online. You can also purchase Vélo Mont-Tremblant branded clothing and accessories and register for our ambassador program.


With winter just around the corner, go enjoy the fatbike season, it will help get you through to the next summer of riding.

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