Local tips for finding mountain bike trails

As seen in Tremblant Express journal, july 2017.

Mont-Tremblant is composed of five different hubs, three of which provide access to mountain bike trails. Each of these hubs has a specific character and offers several choices of loop. Here are our suggestions so that you can get the most out of your ride.

Start from the tourist offices (intersection of montée Ryan and rue Labelle).

Level: Beginner – Intermediate.

Length of time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Direction: Deer Mountain

Labyrinthe, option Zone “Emi“quilibre, Villa Bellevue, Les Pins est (east), Les Pins west (ouest), Jazz, Deer Mountain, Diable.

Start with the Labyrinthe, an easy section without a climb and perfect for your warmup. Travel through an unusual countryside: a pine plantation. As an option, have fun in the Zone “Emi“quilibre. It’s the perfect place to improve your agility, safely. Go back into the Labyrinthe and follow the Villa Bellevue which runs beside the Diable golf course. Continue until the Les Pins intersection and turn left. A rolling section will take you to in front of the montée Ryan, which you cross to climb to Jazz. Here’s a challenge! Climb it without stopping! The reward is a long, fluid descent on Deer Mountain and the Diable. This latter runs beside the Diable River and takes you back to your starting point at the tourist offices. It’s the perfect loop after a rain as it’s rarely wet.


  • If you’re a beginner, forget about the challenge for climbing Jazz.
  • To make the enjoyment last and for the more daring, add the Geai Bleu (until the entry into Villa Bellevue) to your loop. The long, technical climb takes you to a superb lookout. The lovely descent that takes you to Villa Bellevue makes it worth the effort.
  • If this still isn’t enough, continue your descent with the Gorge and come back towards the Villa Bellevue using the Grand Pic.
  • Real experts can also descend Deer Mountain by the “Envoye” at the bottom. Created during a construction competition with RedBull, this trail is the biggest challenge in the network. Be careful! Always look at the modules before venturing into them.

Good advice

  • You will find, at the repair station, anything you need to add air to your tires, a few tools and a place where you can wash your bike.
  • When you arrive in the “centre-ville” — downtown area – take a few minutes to go to CAFEO for a great energy-filled juice or a lunchbox to enjoy on the trail.
  • Make a point of visiting our friends at Quillicot and get everything you need to repair a flat and plan your rides.

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