To all trail users,

Due to warming temperatures, our fatbike trail network is now closed for the remainder of the season. Mechanical maintenance of the trails is completed and the next step will be the spring chores once the ground is completely thawed and free of snow.

In order to reduce our impact on the environment and to ensure the sustainability of our trails, we ask you to please be patient and not ride before the thaw. Even if there is no snow anymore, the earth might still be frozen beneath. If we want to provide a safe experience for cyclists and ensure that the trails are maintained for the summer, the ground needs a bit of rest between the two seasons.

The sale of trail access passes will resume once we officially open the mountain bike trails for the season.  Our season launch is scheduled for May, which we will be celebrating with a Tail Gate party.

We hope all you winter riders fully enjoyed the trails!

For more information on trail conditions, visit our web page.

On Sunday, October 2, over 25 people were involved in the second Vélo Mont-Tremblant chore-day of the season. The efforts were aimed at improving the Boneyard, a previously unofficial mountain biking trail. This new path will become a four-season intermediate trail, suitable for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and winter biking (fatbiking). This is the beginning of a new circuit that will connect the trails on the east side of the montée Ryan (Écureuil, Lynx and La Chouette) and those on the west side (La P’tite Cachée, La Cachée, La Truite and La Siotte). The new trail will create an interesting loop and join the two new trails La P’tite Cachée and la Cachée without having to take the paved multifunctional path.

By the 2017 season, it will be fully completed and will offer a magnificent view of the mountain. Last Sunday, about 25% of the work was done by teams of volunteers consisted of cycling enthusiasts, all of who frequently ride in Mont-Tremblant. A 25-foot bridge was built as well as a cross section climb. Despite the rain, the troop’s motivation and enthusiasm were high!

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This past September 25, families and friends enjoyed brand new tracks and features in the Mont-Tremblant recreational bike park. People gathered around a friendly BBQ lunch, cheered on riders of all ages and participated in large numbers in our draw where many gifts were given away!

Hosted by Vélo Mont-Tremblant, this event was created to allow families to discover the new installations and offer a fun experience for the more experienced cyclists. We are very proud of the results! The event brought the Mont-Tremblant community together around a common interest: biking!

The bike park is truly a recreational asset for the citizens. In addition to allowing regular physical activity, it promotes socialization, learning, self-improvement and teamwork. We are happy that it is located near the Curé-Mercure high school!

Surpassing our expectations, nearly 300 people showed up to the new pumptracks that day. Included in the crowd were 117 young children with their bike in their hands and smile on their faces! In discussing with parents, we found there was a strong demand for the creation of a mountain bike club for children, or in the least, to have outings supervised by certified trainers. Vélo Mont-Tremblant is determined to meet this need next summer… So stay tuned!

It is thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our different partners that the Grand opening of the Mont-Tremblant pumptracks event achieved and obtained such a success. Thank you to SODEMDAVIDsTEACybercycleL’âme du sport la Source du sportJo Vélo Tremblant, Atelier de vélo/ Bike shop TremblantTyroparcd-tour, Resto Pub Au CoinAuberge Le Lupin and Paintball Fort Ouest Inc.

Thanks also go out to the City of Mont-Tremblant, Plein Air Mont Tremblant, EnviroForêt and BMXpert for the creation of these great structures!


All the photos of this beautiful day can be found here »»

Following the event, Vélo Québec published a very interesting article on how different municipalities are promoting cycling and creating new infrastructures. Read it here »»

Since 2015, many mountain bike trails have been redeveloped or expanded in Mont-Tremblant. This was made possible thanks to a wonderful collaboration between the City of Mont-Tremblant, Plein Air Mont-Tremblant and Vélo Mont-Tremblant.

In addition to the new Gorge section that opened earlier this summer, the La Cachée and La P’tite Cachée trails officially opened on August 1st. Vélo Mont-Tremblant wishes to acknowledge the excellent work by the people and companies who got their hands dirty in these trails : Excavation PEA Inc from Ste-Adèle for La Cachée and Vertigo, mountain design from Saint-Sauveur for La P’tite Cachée. Not to mention the complete redesign of the Truite section between the river and the chemin Claude Lefebvre which is now much easier to climb thanks to Enviroforêt.

A new module in the « Envoye » en bas trail was also added by Philippe Poirier, owner of the Cybercycle shop. This section of the trail network is sure to satisfy even the more adventurous!

Vélo Mont-Tremblant would like to thank all the owners for rights of way on their land. Furthermore, all cyclists who pay their access rights make it possible to maintain and develop a good network of trails in Mont-Tremblant. So thank you!

New Trails Descriptions

La Cachée, intermediate trail

La Cachée is a new 2 km trail for intermediate-advanced riders that will take you almost to the top  of Mont-du-Lac, behind the Pinoteau. If you start from the north entrance, located at the north end of La Truite,  you are going to enjoy a one-way descent featuring a few  really fun berms. This descent ends up  at the bridge of the multifunctional path ”La-Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant”.  If you choose to start from the south, the descent on the north side is a succession of 8 turns that will take you to the new section of La Truite.

P’tite Cachée, easy trail

La P’tite Cachée was built to facilitate the climb up La Cachée  by the south side. The the trail starts off in the main La Cachée trail and it ends 700 meters further away where it rejoins the multifunctional ”La-Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant”.  Without technical difficulty, it’s perfect for beginners who want to get into mountain biking or want to practice their pumptrack skills.

All that’s left is for you to hop on your bike and come enjoy our trails! »

The new Gorge section is officially open!

Since June 18, you can ride the new section of the Gorge. 150 meters were added to the end of the trail near the Jack Rabbit bridge. This section includes new features such as jumps, “rollers”, rounder jumps as well as a small “table top” square jump. The work was done by Enviro Forêt who proceeded to close the old Gorge section to allow for revegetation. The efforts put in early in the season have also helped protect the trail to prevent erosion. When riding in this new section, you’ll notice that these improvements have also added more “flow” to the trail. Thrill seekers, you will be quite happy!

You’ll soon be able to explore the Cachée 

The ongoing work in the Cachée are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. There are few changes to make, but the work is almost over!

Regularly consults trail conditions page to follow the opening!