Our Annual General Meeting was held last April 1st and there was quite a shake up on the Board of Directors. Véronique L’Allier and Martin St-Gelais both left their seats and Elissa Mulligan and Jerome Alix took over their respective positions. Vélo Mont-Tremblant wants to give their gratitude to Véronique and Martin for their significant contribution in recent years. Thank you! Welcome to the family Elissa and Jerome!

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Change is in the air! After many years of loyal service, we felt like our logo needed a little updating, something that would be more representative of who we are and what we do, something that riders could connect with. With that in mind, we asked a creative local to come up with a new design.

We are very proud to reveal our new logo which represents a revival, the outdoors, a progression and is symbolic of our network. We hope you are equally excited to put it forward in the community. Logo items will be available for sale starting this summer, so stay tuned!

It’s finally time to ride!

The nice weather over the last few days has allowed us to officially open mist of the trails, so get out there and have some fun!

But remember these simple rules to keep our network of trails healthy for years to come: avoid riding when it’s raining or when soil is to wet. Riding a muddy trail can cause unnecessary trail widening and erosion.

Last word of advice is to check out our new website and the trail status.

Last year’s end of season fundraiser helped us raise $1500, enough to finish the repairs and revamp the downhill section of La Gorge.

The uphill portion of the trail was rebuilt in 2015 as part of the National Trails Coalition project in collaboration with Plein Air Mont-Tremblant. Now, another 160 meters will be added at the end of the trail, from the current last turn, to ensure a safe junction with the A16 Contre-courant and extent the pleasure just a little more! The construction started today and should continue for the next week.

Share pictures of your ride on social media using #gorgevélomonttremblant.

Spring hasn’t quite arrived in the Laurentians. As you may have noticed, it’s been a cold month of April, there’s still snow in many of the trails and the ground hasn’t thawed yet. In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment and ensure the longevity of our trail network, we ask that you be patient and abstain from riding until further notice. We know it’s hard, we’re riders too, but it’ll be worth the wait!