Spring has been late to arrive but the fatbike season is coming to an end. The snow on the trails has melted considerably and no longer allows us to ensure the proper grooming of trails. However, as the cold seems to want to stick around a few more days and because the north facing trails are still very beautiful, we will keep some of them open.


As we cannot guarantee a good surface to ride on, you no longer need to purchase an access pass to the trails. You can continue to use the trails, but it is important to note that the conditions may be less than desirable and dirt, rocks and roots may be exposed in some places.


Some trails are also closed for the season. We ask you to respect this in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Also note that only fatbikes are allowed on trails (tires over 3.5″ and over).


See our conditions page for more information.


PHOTO © Dreamling Aura / Unspash

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