On Sunday June 19, 91 women ages 22 to 57 joined us at the Grand Lodge for the second edition of the « Poules qui Roulent » workshop, a day dedicated to women mountain bikers of all levels. 9 instructors were present to help groups, adapted to the participant’s level, develop skills and improve in a safe environment and an energizing and stimulating atmosphere!

Through partnerships with Jo Vélo, Bob Cyclo, Cybercycle and the SMT bike shop, among others, who lent bicycles, many girls had the opportunity to try mountain biking for the first time.

The day started off with an elementary mechanics course, where things like the basics to check before a ride and the right way to clean a bike when you get back were presented by mechanics. The morning then continued with skill development workshops as the certified instructors worked to perfect certain riding techniques. After a healthy lunch break, it was time to head out and explore the trails in order to put the new skills to the test. The day ended on the shores of Lake Ouimet with a muscle relaxing yoga session followed by a happy-hour to forge new friendships.

“A perfect day surrounded by really motivated girls who encouraged each other to excel and an outstanding coach who took the time to give us confidence. It was really wonderful to see so many girls of all levels come together and be inspired to learn and improve in a setting of discovery and not competition. I loved my experience and I look forward to next year! “- Ariane Lavigne, participant

Big thanks go out to our partners: Jo Vélo, Bob Cyclo, Cybercycle, the SMT shops, Le Grand Lodge, Dakine, Lolë Tremblant, Bell, Finish Line, Cafeo, Émoson and Atelier mécanique Lucie Lamy, without who this day would not have been possible.

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