Fall is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking!

  1. No more need for insect repellent, bugs are all gone by now!
  2. Gone are the days of heat waves! During the fall, the temperatures are much cooler, so it’s an ideal time to move outside. Long climbs will sure seem less difficult. Don’t worry about the wind! On the trails the trees will protect you.
  3. The scenic beauty is breathtaking! The mix of colors from the leaves and the amazing points of view around Mont-Tremblant will offer you the best subjects for your pictures.
  4. Because the holidays are over, there is now less traffic on the trails. You will have the trail network all for yourself (or maybe not after this article comes out!).
  5. The mountain biking trails are often less soft and muddy. As the nights get colder, the soil becomes hard. It’s easier to ride on and perfect for learning!
  6. The pleasure of riding in the dark. As the sun sets earlier, the after work outings usually end in the dark, creating new and exciting challenges. Plan ahead by bringing along a headlight suitable for mountain biking.

Now come along and join Vélo Mont-Tremblant on the trails this fall!

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