Even more improvements to our trails!

The new Gorge section is officially open!

Since June 18, you can ride the new section of the Gorge. 150 meters were added to the end of the trail near the Jack Rabbit bridge. This section includes new features such as jumps, “rollers”, rounder jumps as well as a small “table top” square jump. The work was done by Enviro Forêt who proceeded to close the old Gorge section to allow for revegetation. The efforts put in early in the season have also helped protect the trail to prevent erosion. When riding in this new section, you’ll notice that these improvements have also added more “flow” to the trail. Thrill seekers, you will be quite happy!

You’ll soon be able to explore the Cachée 

The ongoing work in the Cachée are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. There are few changes to make, but the work is almost over!

Regularly consults trail conditions page to follow the opening!

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